2018-07-04 @ 9:35 p.m.

This shit's been crazy. Not sure where I left off. Lily was getting a divorce, then wasn't, now is. She stopped wearing her ring, and said they signed the papers. But neither of them have moved from that apartment, which is fucking weird. I'd be outta there.

She says it's awful sharing the space, but doesn't seem willing to push him out or leave herself. She's also been saying she loves me and whatnot. Lots of great sex. Like, stupid amounts of really great sex. I never even knew. Standard disclosure games. Seems like there's plenty of potential here, it's just a big mess at the moment.

Something felt like broken today. We weren't communicating well at all. It really bummed me out all day. I really don't appreciate the hot/cold shit, but I'm trying to be understanding, because she's dealing with a helluvalot with the divorce and all.

Neighbors are playing with fireworks. The young family a few houses down is having fun. They're silly. And I'm really not sure I like them having motors. But whatever.